2012-2013 BPAS College Football Results

8 January 13

The meaningless results you were never waiting for!


The Lost Apple Logos You've Never Seen

29 December 12

You thought you knew all about the history of the Apple logo? Or, more accurately, you didn’t much care, but what the hell, it sounds interesting enough to click on the article?


Local sportsmen win award

29 October 12

Invented by Abner Doubleday, base-ball has become a popular trial of sporting prowess.


IPad mini event prediction autopsy

23 October 12

The difference between gloat and goat is just one letter.


Forecasting the Oct 23 event

16 October 12

Like the changing of the seasons and the cycle of life, we experience change though life, death and rebirth. We all face change in various forms, and zzzzzzzzzzz…


In Defense of Skeumorphism

30 September 12

I think I’m spelling that right.


Sept 12 Announcement Aftermath

12 September 12

How did I do? Okay. Not spot-on, but okay.


Forecasting the Sept 12 Announcement

8 September 12

Gotta do it. It’s required by law for all Apple fans with a blog to make some guesses in the shadow of an upcoming product announcement. I’ll do this to avoid having to go to jail, but only for that reason.


Saving Open Wheel

1 August 12

If, indeed, it is worth saving. Originally published in 2009.


Around the World in 33 Keyboards

20 May 12

I’m one of those folks who can get really fixated on something stupid. Here’s proof!


Shared Insanity

3 April 12

Life is a lot like Almond Joy vs Mounds.


iPad Prediction Autopsy

7 March 12

How’d I do on the predictions for the iPad announcement? Sucked. But with an asterisk.

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