iPad Prediction Autopsy

7 March 12

The prediction: An upcoming revision of the iPad will feature a retina-quality display, use a new “A6” processor, use an SSD drive, run Siri and work with a stylus. It will sell for no less than $1000. It will be announced and sold by April of 2012.

The reality: A new iPad was released with a retina-quality display, a new “A5X” processor, upgraded cameras and optional LTE capability. It sells for the existing price structure and will be sold by March 16th.

The caveat? When I described my concept for the next iPad, I couched my language like a lawyer, and said “An upcoming revision of the iPad,” rather than “The next iPad revision.” I did that because while I’m sure that a “creative” iPad in in the cards, as I described it, I wasn’t absolutely sure it would be the ‘next’ iPad. But I’ll grade myself as if I never said it.

I defined a creative iPad as needing these features:

  • Video: Faster processor for video effects & editing, finer visual resolution, storage. Video transfer could be USB, Thunderbolt or wifi.
  • Audio: Faster processor for audio effects & editing, storage.
  • Photography: Faster processor for photo editing & correction, finer visual resolution, storage.
  • Industrial Design: Greater control through styluses, fine visual resolution.
  • Art & Graphic Design: Greater control through styluses, fine visual resolution, storage.
  • Writing: Voice dictation.

So I got 3 out of 6 with The New iPad – video, photography and writing features are pretty much as I thought they would be. I boned it on the more extreme things I suggested – Stylus-esque control and SSD level storage. I did suggest Siri for the iPad, but getting the voice dictation is pretty much what I was expecting, rather than the Siri voice control features.

I also never called it the iPad 3. I just had a feeling it would never go with “3” as the moniker. Remember the Apple III? Not that Apple believes in curses…

And as for the Apple TV? I’m not going to really count this, because I think this announcement was just a 1080p bump, and not a true 3rd-generation new product. My expectations still remain for the Apple TV, and I think it will be a Fall/Christmas product.