End-of-Season BPAS Rankings

7 December 15

Our final regular-season rankings are out at the BPAS, and for the second year in a row, our Top 4 match the CFB Committee’s Top 4. Our system relies solely on math and uses wins as it’s single stat, yet we get to the same place as a roomful of high-powered bigwigs. Who’d have thunk it?

Our seedings would be different, but here’s what the BPAS arrived at:

1. Michigan State
2. Clemson
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma

You can see the whole list at the BPAS mini-site.


Week 9 of the BPAS ratings

3 November 15

If you like ties, we have what you’re looking for, with seven teams in the top four spots.

Our “Playoff 4”:

1. Michigan State
2. Ohio State
3. LSU (tie)
3. Clemson (tie)
3. Notre Dame (tie)
4. Iowa (tie)
4. Florida (tie)

But we still have a lot of games to go to clear things up. Let’s compare it to the first “Committee” ratings out Tuesday! It’ll be fun. No, really. How much more fun do you want?

The full list is at the BPAS mini-site


Week 8 of the BPAS ratings

24 October 15

Our top 4 is a top 5 due to a tie at #1:

1. Ohio State (tie)
1. Michigan State (tie)
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Clemson

Read more at the BPAS mini-site


BPAS Week 6 Ratings

11 October 15

The Week 6 ranking are out for my college football ranking system. I know, you’re so excited. Everyone is.

Top 4:
1 Florida
2 Ohio State
3 Utah
4 Temple

Full rankings at the BPAS mini-site


Preliminary College Football Rankings

4 October 15

The BPAS, my proprietary little college football ranking system, is still probably a week away from producing a coherent ranking. Despite that, after the results of this weekend, here’s the top four teams:

1 Florida
2 Texas A&M
3 Northwestern
4 Ohio State

And there’s a bit of a gap between them and the rest of the field. As for how it compares to the AP Poll, the AP Poll will continue to reflect the pre-season rankings for some weeks to come, so it’ll be skewed for a while. Since the BPAS only works with actual wins instead of opinion polls, the rankings are going to look very different to the time being. Next week, we’ll have the full results and they’ll be a bit more accurate.

Last year, the system picked the same four teams the committee made for the playoffs, (although not quite in the same order), so it’s first year dealing with the new playoff format was a success. You can see last year’s results at the BPAS mini-site.

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