8 June 13

In these challenging times, keeping up with events can be difficult, and with a 24-hour torrent of news, getting the crucial information that affects the way you live your life has become nearly impossible. Yes, as a society, we find ourselves awash in information, but unable to pick out the things that truly matter to us.

That’s why we’re excited to announce, your new home for news. No, isn’t news read by women in bikinis, because that would insult your intelligence. focuses on the most important questions of our time and does it better than anyone else.

Our site rushes all bikini-related news right to your desktop or internet-connected mobile device. That’s why we call it

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At, you’ll get the biggest stories from ground-breaking writers and award-winning photojournalists. Topical issues like “Is Lady Gaga’s Bikini Too Tight?” or “Katy Perry Shows Off Bikini Bod” will let you feel like you’re on the front lines of bikini news.

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International coverage keeps you updated from every corner of the globe. Beauty pageant scandals are exposed by our investigative team wherever they happen, from South Asia to South America. Our reporters blow the lid off Australian topless beaches. No bikini escapes our watch.

Articles also focus on young people’s issues, such as “My Mom Won’t Let Me Wear This Bikini!” or “Does This Bikini Make My Breasts Look Too Big?” Sports fans can read articles covering a wide spectrum of athletic competition, with topics ranging from Derek Jeter’s girlfriends to disgraced cheerleaders.

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