The Day the Whistling Stopped: The Short, Tragic Life of Harriet Zwindel

6 June 15

If I am ever foolish enough to admit that a television show meant the world to me, this would be the one.


The Next Level

1 March 15

The Apple Watch has created a vortex in speculation when it comes to Apple. Here’s where I try to fill up the vortex with a lot of words. Will it work?


2014 Event Part II

16 October 14

Last-second thoughts before the “Far Too Long” event. Will it be big? Will it be modest? Will the stream work at all?


Protect This House

9 September 14

The Flint Center announcement is just hours away. Is it going to live up to the hype? Is the hype going to live up to the speculation? Is the speculation going to live up to the announcement? Will reality ever meet mankind’s expectations?


My WWDC 2014 Dream Book

2 June 14

It’s time for the Apple Summer solstice, and time to make observations and predictions on the strange ceremony that takes place in the deep, dark underground caverns of San Francisco.


Apple Announces Dwarf Star Powered Solid Gold Iphone

24 May 14

Breaking news on Apple’s newest salvo in the smartphone wars.


The Beats Thing

13 May 14

I’m still waiting for the iPod Hi-Fi to come back.


Beware of Sports

2 May 14

No, not the Huey Lewis and The News record.


Final 2013-14 BPAS College Football Rankings

6 January 14

It’s that time of year again, which happens every year at about this time.


Who Watches the iWatchers?

24 December 13

An awful title I thought I’d write first before I see it elsewhere and wish I could have been that trite.


Oct. 22 Event Debriefing

23 October 13

Another visit to my prediction post-mortem.


Oct 22 2013 Event: The Mele-a at Yerba Buena

19 October 13

All right, my boxing match idea doesn’t work so well.

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