2014 Event Part II

16 October 14

I’m still reeling from the Watch announcement, which was a lot of good stuff spiked with some acutely bad stuff. I don’t want to pick the wrong words about what was a very important announcement, so I’m still trying to work out what my thought are on it. Spoiler: I’m not on the bandwagon for the watch.

As for today’s stuff, we’ve already got the leak that tells us it’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, plus Yosemite is gonna get a download date and iOS will get a point bump with Apple Pay. So that kind of takes the steam out of the usual prognostications.

My wild card items are, as ever, the Apple TV and the Mac mini both of which have been untouched for “far too long.” I still don’t think an Apple TV will ship (yes, with a screen) until next year, but they’ve been in the habit of pre-announcing lately.

I am also suspicious of the streaming HBO and CBS announcements coming back-to-back in the 48 hours before this event. HBO especially. They were steadfastly against streaming with no exceptions, for all time… until Tuesday. CBS was the first to both leak and then shoot down Apple’s TV plan. Now they’re both on board with streaming just hours before an Apple event? Odd.

Mac mini just needs a processor bump. It’s a hidden gem in the Mac lineup and it needs some love.

And as a last thought, Apple just won’t stop posting rainbow-color versions of the Apple logo. How long until they just finally do it?