Apple TV 4: First Impressions

1 November 15

Well, if Apple can make a thousand “no’s” for every “yes,” I can do it, too.


Week 8 of the BPAS ratings

24 October 15

Spoiler alert: A college football team is #1!


Key Touch Points

12 October 15

What is it with this site and keyboards? Who cares?


BPAS Week 6 Ratings

11 October 15

Week 6 results: These teams just don’t like each other!


Preliminary College Football Rankings

4 October 15

The conditional initial pre-preliminary results up through this week in college football.


Living in a Post Bill Graham World

19 September 15

Whoo-ee. That was a big ‘un. They done blowed out their product announcements. We’ll be picking Apple press releases out of our hair for days.


Bill Graham Presents: Apple Comes Alive! (Part 2)

8 September 15

Disc 2 of this Double-LP keynote prediction blowout!


Bill Graham Presents: Apple Comes Alive! (Part 1)

8 September 15

Double-LP coverage of the upcoming Apple event. Disc 1.


Site Out of Beta

1 August 15


What I'm Saying is Eleven

24 July 15

Don’t you kid yourself, Glen.


Apple Music: The Story So Far

4 July 15

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment. Parental Advisory for content.


WWDC 2015 Pre-Game Preview Show

8 June 15

This year everyone’s abuzz about one thing – the absence of Mark Rodkin. Oh, wait… There he is.

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