Final 2013-14 BPAS College Football Rankings

6 January 14

The college football ranking system I do – and therefore, I am the only human know knows or cares about it – has crowned the winner for the year. Spoiler alert: It’s Florida State.

Thankfully, this is the end of the road for the BCS, and now the NCAA will have to work harder than ever before to corrupt the new playoff system. Which they probably already have. I mean, Condoleeza Rice is on the selection committee, for goodness sake.

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2012-2013 BPAS College Football Results

8 January 13

I tallied up the results of my college football ranking system for the year and the results are pretty surprising if you just watch ESPN, but the more you think about it, the more they make sense.

Alabama beat the #1 team in the country in the last game of the season. Problem is, Alabama wasn’t the #2 team. They were fifth, by my accounting. They only played 7 winning teams all year and went 6-1 against them.

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Local sportsmen win award

29 October 12

A base-ball squad from the state of California has claimed top honors in an annual competition. The organizers put on the competition every year, where base-ball players compete in teams to entertain large crowds.

This year, the winning squad, dubbed ‘the giants,’ won the tournament for the second time in the past three years. They hail from the city of San Francisco, where they engage in daily contests.

The annual competition, called ‘the world series’ by it’s American organizers has been played in the fall since 1903. Every year, thousands of base-ball players and enthusiasts gather to watch and participate in the competitions which are held across the United States, to determine a prize winner.

Preparations are already being made for next year’s tournament, which is expected to be even more successful than ever.


Saving Open Wheel

1 August 12

My expansive treatise on rescuing the sport of American Open Wheel racing is now on this site! Revel in its’ obscure subject matter and overly long text. It’s the last of my MobileMe sites to be transplanted.



10 September 11

The way they handle the ranking of college football just sucks eggs. I had been trying to work out another method for years and years since I was a teenager. In 2008, my frustration with the poll/rank system finally bubbled to the top, and I put together a new system. It’s a college football ranking system of my own design and I’ve been maintaining it for a few years. The results are pretty good for a system that uses an entirely unique and different method of ranking than any other system I’m aware of. I call it the “Berkeley Points Awarding System,” or BPAS.

I used to house it elsewhere, but now you can find it here:

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