About the Patient

10 September 11

Scott McPhail (rhymes with fail) is your unlikely host at TheBrainFever. He is not here to entertain you. Scott is not famous nor important, except to himself, where he is well-recognized as a leading voice in all things regarding his life. After a string of unfortunate incidents that he calls his resume, it has now come down to this site as an unseemly and predictable method of providing some sense of value to his life, as if he was truly contributing to society.

Scott holds no degree from any college or institution, and is the father to no childen and has no wife of no years. He does, however, have no pets. You cannot read his book.

The motto of this site is “creativity on overdrive,” which at first sounds somewhat life-affirming, but unfortunately results in a paralyzing cycle of having too many ideas to even know where to begin or what to do with it all. So why not just throw it all onto the internet and see what happens? I mean seriously, what the hell.