WWDC 2013 Forensic Report

18 June 13

The bloody, messy aftermath of a bad prediction list. Sigh. Here we go.

iOS Devices

No Announcements: Correct

Mac Portables

MacBook Pro refresh: Wrong.

MacBook Air refresh: Correct.

Air CPU GHz prediction: So wrong.

Dropping the 15-inch MacBook Pro Non-Retina: Wrong. I still think this may happen, whenever they refresh the MacBook Pro line.

Mac Desktops

Mac Pro Announcement: Correct.

New design: Correct:

Everything else about it: Wrong. Not a rack-mountable unit, and not a hot-swappable unit.

Mac OS

Better iCloud support, cloud backup, Siri, notifications improvements: Wrong, wrong, wrong. But notifications did get an upgrade. Correct.

Features announced in Mac OS and iOS simultaneously. Technically correct, but on minor features. I was expecting something bigger.

New naming convention: Correct, although I thought they’d stick with animals.


iCloud as the biggest deal: Wrong. iCloud’s biggest thing was the iWork on iCloud demo, which was the least interesting announcement.

Fix for Core Data: Correct. At least, they’re doing something new with Core Data. Can’t say anything without tripping over an NDA.

iBooks in the cloud: Wrong.

iRadio: Correct (although everyone already knew).

iMovie and iPhoto upgrades: Wrong, so far. These will probably be updated in October when the iOS hardware ships.

AirDrop as transfer for iOS: Correct.

System Preferences revamp: Correct.

That iOS was going to get the “Braun” treatment: A matter of opinion. I think it did get a minimalist Braun-like design, but it wasn’t quite what I was seeing in my mind. I was thinking more metal than frosted glass.

Messages: No announcements, but probably wrong.

That was a tough go for my prediction skills. I’ll be licking my wounds for a while. It’s okay – my saliva is internationally recognized by the WHO for it’s healing properties.